Welcome to lexikologie.de

lexikologie.de: the online dictionary of technical terms in lexicology of the Friedrich-Schiller-University's Hochschuldozentur of German Linguistics at the institute of German linguistics, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.

lexicology.de primarily represents a useful instrument for students of German Linguistics. We want to systematically capture and organize technical terms from the realm of lexicology and integrate them into a hypertext.

The foundation of this project arose from a seminar for advanced students in winter 2004/05 dealing with e-dictionaries. After a comprehensive search of existing projects in Germany, the aim was to generate our own online-dictionary. This project reflects the experience we have gained especially with reference to clarity, user-friendliness, structure and complexity. For the time being, lexicology.de represents the preliminary result of this project.

In its current shape the dictionary has not yet been completed by the editorial. The already finished entries are marked with arrows. Furthermore, all students of German Linguistics are asked to take an active part in the dictionary's enlargement, in writing own entries, as well as in editing the existing articles in order to provide a more comprehensive aid to subsequent students.

Besides the dictionary, the main part of lexicology.de, there are further exercises and examples available for all undergraduates and graduates of lexicological seminars on these pages. These exercises offer the possibility of strengthening and deepening the knowledge previously gained through their studies.

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